ReEnvision Ag was formed in January of 2020 with a clear vision for the future.  Currently, the business is in the Startup phase and in the product prototype and development.  After farming for 7 years, founder Jayson Ryner saw opportunities for innovation in the Ag Sector.  After consulting with Brook Behmler at the NIACC John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center, Jayson enrolled in the University of Iowa Venture School.  Through Venture School, ReEnvision Ag went through Lean Business Startup training to evaluate and develop the innovative idea of a new style of corn planter.

Our source of competitive advantage lies in the intellectual property of our dibble- style planting system.  The entire row crop planting industry is monolithic as they all use a set of double disc openers to create a seed trench.  ReEnvision Ag and our planter system hold the only provisional patent on a system of placing the seeds using a cone-shaped dibble to plant the seeds in a precise location at an exact spacing.  This system optimizes planting depth and spacing and minimizes soil contact compared to currently used technology.

Our planter system creates value for the farmer by adding more precision to the planting process, creating a wider planting window, and planting in more diverse conditions. It minimizes the chance for soil compaction, improves soil health, and maximizes carbon sequestration.  All of these elements bring economic profit to the farmer.

The financial gain to farmers comes in three areas.  First, the increased yield from better seed placement.  When corn seeds are planted at a uniform depth and spacing it maximizes yield. Second, farmers moving to a minimal soil contact can get up to $20 per acre for carbon sequestration credit.  Third, using the ReEnvision Ag planter system reduces field passes for a disc ripper and field cultivator saving farmers up to $35 per acre in labor, machinery, and fuel costs.


Our mission at ReEnvision Ag is to provide Groundbreaking Agricultural Innovation.


ReEnvision Ag LLC is interested in solving problems in commercial agriculture in an effort to create a traceable, reliable, and sustainable food source with a reduced impact on the environment in a way that is commercially sustainable for family farms.


Our Strength


Our company strengths lie in our ability to think freely and execute in a short period of time.  We have the tools and technological aptitude to continue forward with research and development on a limited budget.  We have a very strong and diverse group of advisors.

Our opportunities lie in our market position as first to market.  We also hold the intellectual property to defend this position.  Climate change and environmental drivers make this a very opportunistic time to bring this new technology to market. The regulatory environment supports our innovation.


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