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Invest In The First Ever Ultra-Low Soil Disturbance Planter Designed For The Soil Health Era.

Will you be an Angel? At this point in our development, our products are in the testing phase to bring our prototype to minimum viable product (MVP). If you support our mission and our vision please consider investing in the future of row crop planting. For those interested in investing in ReEnvision Ag Inc and partnering with us with Venture Capital.

The First Planter Designed For The Soil Health Era

The simplest and most precise way to plant a seed with the least amount of soil contact is to press a seed into the soil and fill the remaining hole.   That’s what we do.
SInce 1857 the place where a planter touches the soil, the money spot, has changed only one time.

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Soil Is Our Biggest Asset – We Want To Protect It

By adapting farming practices that reduce the use of fossil fuels, store more carbon, and do not pollute water, we are saving money by not wasting fertilizer, lowering our machinery costs, and lowering fuel expenses all while improving the organic matter, water penetrability and fertility of our soils.

What about Rocks?

Our SpeedSpike has been tested to 3000 lbs of static down pressure.  The row unit will jump when it hits a rock and keep on planting.

What do you use for down pressure?

Because our row unit connects with the parallel arms on any planter, all of the commercially available down pressure systems can be used with the SeedSpike (TM)

It looks really big, how much does it weigh?

Our prototype has been made overly robust so we can be sure the planting works as intended.  We will be updating and smart sizing the row unit in the future.

How do you adjust the population?

At this point we are fixed with 6″ seed spacing.  Variable rate planting coming in 2026!

Why hasn't anyone else done this?

Our seed spike is designed for the Soil Health Era.  As more and more farmers adopt cover crops and no till, more and more farmers are learning that disc openers just don’t cut it. We’ve lost 27% of our days suitable for planting with heavy weather events.   It’s now time for change.

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