Jordan Davison farms near Plymouth, IA. He grew up on a family farm near Nora Springs which is now a Century farm. They raised cattle, corn and soybeans and he was involved in 4-H. He now lives on an acreage 5 miles from where he grew up and grows corn and soybeans. He’s also involved with Warbler Farms, specializing in custom spraying and spreading of chicken litter.

“I’ve always known I’ve wanted to farm and am proud to be able to raise my children on a family farm,” said Jordan. In 2023, Jordan added selling seed for Wyffle’s Hybrids.  He and wife Alanna have three children, Raegan, Cade and Jentry.

When Jayson went back to the farm in 2014 it was Jordan’s father Bruce Davison who lost part of a farm from Jayson’s dad, John Ryner.  While some would be upset by losing a farm, Bruce immediately offered to help get Ryner Farms established and Jayson hired the Davisons to complete custom harvesting.  Jordan began custom spraying of fungicides and pest control in 2016.  Jordan has been a great listening post and barometer for Jayson’s out of the box (and sometimes crazy) way of looking at things.

“Eliminating the field cultivator and ripper passes saves me $45 dollars an acre. Not to mention not needing to own those two pieces of equipment. If yield can go up with better spacing and depth control this thing is a no brainer.”– Jordan – Worth County Farmer